Learning with Stories

Imagine children everywhere walking around with confidence, setting goals and developing a plan to accomplish those goals. These children know they have the strength and courage to accomplish anything they set their mind to. They will always dream big.

I Can! Kids creates VERY personalized storybooks that help children learn these valuable life skills. While our books help build reading comprehension, one of the best features of many of our books is ​the hands on approach to teaching these life skills.

Children can include their very own drawings and answer questions that relate directly to learning that life skill! What is one of your special talents? Who is your hero? Your child’s answers are inserted right into the story! An incredible keepsake for years to come!

Personalized for Your Child

Up to 30% of our storybooks are personalized for that special child (or children!) in your life. They are the star as they venture to the big game, make friends with a magical squirrel, discover a very special mirror and even kick their fears.

Personalization of these books includes: names, gender, friends, special adults, their very own drawings and content, and so much more! Do you want this book to be a surprise? No problem, you can download the questions in advance and have your child answer them!

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