I Can! Do Anything!

  • Do you have a special place where you go to play and dream? One day a magical mirror appears in your special place and it is full of amazing stories. The special part of these stories is that they always seem to help you find the confidence to achieve anything that you want!  Up to 30% of this book can be created by you! Drawings, photos and text!

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  • Grade Pre-K to 4


Copyright © text and illustrations 2013 I Can! Kids. All rights reserved.

This book was written by Donna Smith and Illustrated by Farisai Makato. However, lots of help was provided by budding writer and illustrator, Sam, to make it even more special.

Printed in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada.M000

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This is a work of fiction. The events described are imaginary. When persons are referred to by their true names, they are portrayed in entirely fictitious settings, and incidents, the reader should not infer that these settings and incidents are real or that the events actually occurred.

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Sam loves going to his special place, my caring personality bedroom. Sometimes Sam will play, read, do crafts and other times he will just sit and think.


One day when Sam got to his special place, there was a mirror sitting on the floor. Hmm, this wasn't here before, he wondered. Thinking about some of the children's shows that he used to watch, Sam picked it up and said,

"Mirror Mirror"...

crack, poofff,pop!

"Who woke me up? I am going to turn you into a little flower tea cup!" grumbled the cranky mirror.



"Ooh, I am sorry", shuttered Sam and he started to run away.

"Well, I am awake now, young man, I visit only those children who will have great confidence as they grow and who will have a happy life. I can see a very bright light surrounding you. That means you have many special gifts. Tell me, what are some of your gifts?"



I am caring.

I am a good reader.


"I believe that you have many more special gifts that you will learn of or become aware of as you grow. Can you tell me about yourself? What are some things that you love to do?"

"I love to spend time with family and friends because they make me happy."

"I love to swim because I love being in the water."

"And I really love to dance because I like performing."


Those activities sound very exciting. Why do you love them so much?

"Hmm, well, I think that I love to spend time with family and friends because... hmmm, it is hard to describe"

"Sam, it is time for supper, we are in the dining room..." Sam's mother called to him.

"Ohh, I have to go," intrigued by this mirror that has been talking to him, Sam asked, "Will you be here when I come back again?"

"Perhaps, special one, think about why you love those activities so much."




As Sam was approaching his special place with his best friend, Ali, you could hear him whispering, "Ali, you have to see this mirror, I swear it was talking to me, I will show you. It was the freakiest thing that I have ever seen, even freakier than when I bend my elbows back in the direction they are not supposed to go."


When Sam and Ali got to Sam's special place, there was a slimy green frog exactly where the mirror once use to be! Ali indignantly chuckled, "Nice mirror Sam."

"It was right here, Ali, I swear!"

"Hmmm, I wonder where it went?!"