Work Hard! Play Hard! Dream Big! Hockey

  • The annual Charity Hockey game for kids is coming soon and the Coach is looking for a great team player to be center ice in all the action. Can you show the Coach what it takes to play great hockey so you can play with your favorite hockey player in the big game?  

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  • 2016-07-19
  • Newborn to Grade 3


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This year was going to be Alex's best hockey season ever. He just knew it. His friends, Rachel and Casey, were on his team and his friend Parson was playing in the same league. Today was their first practice.


"Boys and girls, we have a big surprise for you! For the next four weeks, all of the children playing hockey in BigTown are going to have a contest. One boy or girl from each league will win a chance to play in the BigTown Annual Charity Game for Kids." This charity game had been played in the community for over forty years now. Many famous hockey players and other celebrities play in this game each year.


"Wow!" "Yahhh!" "Me!" "Pick Me!" Everyone was hollering and yelling! All of the children were so excited, nobody could keep still.



"Okay, okay, quiet down boys and girls, this is how you get a chance to win! For the next four weeks, when we are playing and practicing, you have to play like you want to make it to the CIS some day. Do you know what that means?"

"Work hard at the game to score goals!" yelled Alex, one of the top scoring forwards, thinking of his favorite hockey player.

"Right! Play hard!" said the coach. Mr. Jones wrote it down on the blackboard.

"Stop the puck from going in the net and take the puck from the other team!" added Rachel, an awesome defense man.

"Right again! Play hard!" said the coach. "What about at practice, boys and girls?"




"So here it is," the coach described the contest, "if you play hard, practice lots, try your best and listen really well each time we meet, I will give you a ticket. You sign your name on the ticket and put it in the bucket by the rink. In four weeks, we will draw a name and that boy or girl will get to play with and four other Lakehead Thunderwolves teammates."

"Now," he asked, "what do you need to do?"

"Play hard! Practice lots! Try your best! Listen well!" they all yelled together.

The next four weeks were exciting. Most of the players showed up, everyone practiced and did their best. It was a lot of fun playing, too. We scored more, but it sure was hard since all of the players on the other teams were working really hard too! Everyone wanted to play with their favorite Lakehead Thunderwolves player!



It was time. The coach was about to draw a name. Alex, Rachel, and Casey made a pact that no matter who won, the winner would get autographs for the others. Everyone was hoping that their name would be picked.

"And the winner is...", the coach picked out a ticket, and then dropped it. Oops! Even he was excited for the kids.

He picked it up and unfolded the paper, "The winner is Alex Smith! Congratulations! This Sunday, you will get to play with in the Annual Charity Game for Kids. The rest of us will be sitting behind the bench to cheer you on!"


Alex was so excited that night, he couldn't sleep.

"Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Okay, I can do this. Only six more sleeps away. I will play my best, as if I am really playing in the CIS with ," he said.

Later, Alex did fall asleep, but he probably counted hundreds of pucks (instead of sheep) in those six nights.




Alex was really, really nervous on game day! The butterflies in his stomach were the size of dinosaurs. It felt like it took forever to get to the rink.

Just as Alex finished getting dressed, his favorite hockey player of all time walked into the change room. was really friendly and introduced the kids to the other CIS players. The players gave everyone big "high fives."

The younger players were so excited about meeting the Lakehead Thunderwolves players that they almost forgot they had to play hockey!