Work Hard! Play Hard! Dream Big! Hockey

Newborn to Grade 3

The annual Charity Hockey game for kids is coming soon and the Coach is looking for a great team player to be center ice in all the action. Can you show the Coach what it takes to play great hockey so you can play with your favorite hockey player in the big game?  

Inspiration, goal setting and accomplishment

Child's name; home town; age; three friends.

What Others Are Saying!

“The personalization of the book took only a few minutes and was straight forward. Pick some teams, provide some names and poof, the book was complete”….

“Ooh! I’d love to get the Work Hard! Play Hard! Dream Big! for my son with Autism. I know he can achieve his dreams! And my daughter is the perfect age for I Can! Do Anything! What a cool series and personalization makes it so much more meaningful!” Jenn