• Donna Smith
    Donna SmithFounder & CEO

    “I dream big too! My mom always told me that I can do anything I set my mind to!  When I was younger, I loved two things:  drawing and math.  One uncle told me to be an artist and another told me to be an accountant!  That’s when I was in Grade 8! Well, I am not sure why but the accountant won, initially anyways! Today, I am able to use both of my loves and gifts in I Can Kids!”

    Donna Smith is the Founder of I Can! Kids Inc., responsible for overall strategic and creative management of the Company.

    Donna has led the development and launch of numerous products with I Can! Kids, with several products being released soon!  She has a strong vision for the corporation and hopes to continue to establish strong partnerships globally.  Donna is a team builder, recognizing the strength of experience, education and relationships.  She works with her core staff, marketing experts, software developers, printers, artists and authors to take the Company from good to great!

  • Ashlyn Ransome
    Ashlyn RansomeMarketing

    “When I was younger, I dreamt of being a Zookeeper. I’ve always been a huge animal lover, and taking care of animals seemed like the dream job to have. Who wouldn’t want to play with elephants and monkeys all day? When I realized that I had to learn about their insides too, I decided maybe a Zookeeper wasn’t for me. So I turned to one of my other special talents, creativity! Now I dream of helping businesses be the best they can be!”

    Ashlyn Ransome is the Marketing Coordinator of I Can! Kids. She is responsible for all marketing related projects including social media and reaching out to many parents, grandparents and teachers to help teach children key life lessons.

    Ashlyn is a graduate from the three year Business Marketing program at Confederation College. She works closely with the team of developers, authors, illustrators and web designers. With an eye for creativity, Ashlyn is enthusiastic to create fun product that will teach children key life lessons!

  • Jessica Reimer
    Jessica ReimerIllustrator

    “Go to school, you’ll find out what you want to be there. My parents were right. My program gave me plenty to work with. What I took was the insight on how to be a good artist while avoiding the ‘starving’ portion of it. I love reading and I realize it took a lot of practise to get to those amazing adventure books. It’s not easy for everyone to get reading like a pro. If ​I ​c​an help a ​child learn to love reading through adorable and fun pictures​,​ it would ma​k​e my day. I’ve always wanted to ​be an illustrator, with ​my name on that book ​​a child ​absolutely loves and reads over and over again​. The ​book they carried around with them ​on the bus. I was that kid, ​I ​​want to pass that feeling on​!​”

    Jessica Reimer is our incredible Illustrator with I Can! Kids. She is responsible for bringing all of our characters to life in many of our books and on our website as well. Always there to lend a hand​, she never​ says no to graphic design needs and extra doodling on the side.

    Jessica graduated from the 3 year Multimedia Production Program at Confederation College. She works with the I Can! Kids team to turn their creative ideas into wonderful, fun and lively characters. Putting the ‘eye’ in imagination, she keeps her team on their toes as they work together to make ideas into reality.

  • Bear

    Bear was brought to life in 2012. He loves his job of teaching children confidence, and helping them learn that they can do anything they set their mind to. Notice his cap? It was created to represent his mood. Depending on how Bear is feeling, he has different images running through his cap. Take a close look when you see him in your personalized I Can! Do Anything! book.

  • Aero

    Aero is the newest member of our team. He loves sleeping, chewing on his favorite toys and chasing the kids around, but what he loves most of all is visiting his friends at the I Can! Kids office. Aero reminds the team that they need to take a break from dreaming big, and play!