I Can! Do Anything!

Grade Pre-K to 4

Do you have a special place where you go to play and dream? One day a magical mirror appears in your special place and it is full of amazing stories. The special part of these stories is that they always seem to help you find the confidence to achieve anything that you want!  Up to 30% of this book can be created by you! Drawings, photos and text!

Confidence, goal setting and accomplishment

Child's name; age; home town; a friend's name; child's special place; child's special qualities and talents; along with other surprises!  Up to five (5) of your child's hand drawn, computer drawn pictures or photos can be uploaded too!

What Others Are Saying!

“I love the ICAN series! My daughter has the I Can do anything book, its our fave to read!” Amy

I love the I Can Do Anything book! It looks so cute and kids need to know that they should dream big!  Christy

“I like that these books encourage confidence in kids, that is so important. Creating their own books would be fun too!” Kristi